At Central Pothole Repairs, our expertise in road surfacing, pothole repairs, and line marking is showcased through a diverse array of completed projects.

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Warwick Parkway Station

At Central Pothole Repairs, we are delighted to showcase our successful project at Warwick Parkway Station, where we expertly resurfaced the drop-off point.

This critical area, heavily trafficked by passengers and vehicles, required meticulous attention to ensure a durable and smooth surface.

Our team efficiently executed the road resurfacing, addressing any underlying potholes and imperfections to provide a seamless finish.

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Heart Of Worcester College in Bromsgrove

We are proud to present our recent project at the Heart Of Worcester College in Bromsgrove, where we expertly completed road resurfacing and pothole repairs.

This comprehensive endeavour involved meticulously resurfacing the main access road and repairing potholes, ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience for students, staff, and visitors.


Birmingham South West Job Centre

At Central Pothole Repairs, we are pleased to present our recent project at the Birmingham South West Job Centre, where we carried out comprehensive road marking in the car park.

This project involved the application of precise and durable line markings to optimise parking layout, improve traffic flow, and enhance safety for all users.


KFC, Burger King & Costa Coffee Retail carpark & Entrance in St Neots

We are proud to showcase our recent project in St Neots, where we expertly completed pothole repairs at the retail car park and entrance shared by KFC, Burger King, and Costa Coffee.

This high-traffic area in St Neots required prompt and efficient repair work to ensure a safe and smooth surface for customers and delivery vehicles.


We're accredited with the Street Works Qualifications Register & the Safe Contractor Health and Safety Accreditation

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